Presented by Nia Pearson


Anaheim, CA

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Anaheim, CA

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This workshop will earn you Two (2) IICRC CEC;s (continuing education credits)
BONUS:  A free personalized marketing plan for each business attending.  This will be created by Nia explicitly for you.

This Two-hour workshop covers the following:

Google changes the search algorithm over 500 times per year, making it critical to periodically go through your marketing plan and make changes.

This Restoration Marketing Workshop is designed to teach, office and field restoration teams a successful 3-Step Marketing Process.
1. Strategy
2. Planning
3. Systems
Level One: Strategy. How and where to promote your services (Sales Automation Process, Customer Service and Branding).
Level Two: Planning. (Create a strategic restoration marketing plan).
Level Three: Systems. (Sales automation, CRM, Email, Text, Etc.).

Marketing Scenarios
A: SEO to rank higher on Google with pay-per-click ads (Keywords/Search terms/Short URLs/Landing pages/Blogs).
B: Establish relationships with insurance companies, property management companies, plumbers, homeowners etc.

What You Will Learn:
Which marketing platforms support business growth?
How to build brand loyalty?
How to increase engagement and get referral business?
How to increase traffic, leads and build sales?


About The Presenter:

Nia Sherrema Pearson is the founder and Senior Consultant at Marketing 4 Real Results. Nia has successfully led global marketing teams and she is a recognized growth advisor in the cleaning and restoration industry. She is IICRC Certified in WRT and OCT.

Nia uses a 3-step marketing principles of, strategy, planning and systems to scale with a focus on customer-centric sales and customer service alignment.

Nia holds a Bachelor's degree and MBA in Business with two decades of Marketing experience. She is frequently sought out for her expertise in small business marketing and has contributed marketing advice, seminars, workshops and popular articles for: Cleanfax, Carpet and Fabric Institute, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Community College District, SBA and more.

Contact Nia Pearson: [email protected]

Note: The material presented is solely from Nia Pearson and her 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Bachelors Of Science and MBA degrees.  

The IICRC does not endorse any educational provider, product, offering, or service. The Institute expressly disclaims responsibility, endorsement or warranty for third-party publications, products, certifications, or instruction. The approved status does not award IICRC Certification, only qualified continuing education hours.”