Mold Remediation Contractor (MRC)

Mold Remediation Contractor (40hr) October 18 - 22, 2021; Waco, TX

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This 40hr training course is designed to provide contractors the basic concepts and knowledge to properly perform containment, utilize negative pressure and perform mold remediation in contaminated properties This course is taught by Nate Seward, PE, CIH, the industry's leading mold expert with over 25 years of practical and hands on experience. 8am - 5pm Central


  • Mold Guidelines, Standards and Regulations 
  • Important Definitions
  • Sources of Water/Moisture Review
  • Building Science/moisture control 
  • Inspection/Detection Remediation Equipment 
  • Microbial Remediation Steps
  • Step 1. Environmental Health & Safety
  • Step 2. Area Preparation
  • Step 3. Engineering Controls
  • Ventilation Dilution Formulas 
  • Step 4. Remediation Procedures, techniques, technologies 
  • Sewage Remediation
  • Antimicrobials/chemicals
  • Step 6. Reoccupy & Rebuild 
  • Hands On simulations 
  • Environmental Microbiology (bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites)
  • Bird & Bat, mouse exposure and risk
  •  Health Effects 
  • Sampling and Protocol development, estimating, contracts, legal 
  • Review/Homework/Exam