Texas Mold Remediation Contractor (MRC)

Texas Mold Remediation Contractor Dallas, TX

Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2024; 8am-4pm


The 5 day Texas MRC class is designed to provide Texas mold remediation contractors the necessary concepts and knowledge to properly build containment, utilize negative pressure and perform mold remediation in contaminated properties.  Tex. Admin. Code § 78.58

We will also discuss topics such as mold standards, sources/Categories of water, remediation steps, engineering controls and various remediation procedures & techniquies, hands-on demonstrations, and more. 

Additional Topics to be covered:

  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Antimicrobials/chemicals
  • State of Texas TDLR requirements¬†
  • Environmental Microbiology (bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites)