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 What are the IICRC Standards?

The IICRC Standards serve to develop common, industry-accepted language and terminology that enables us to more universally discuss concepts and procedures regarding cleaning, inspection, and restoration. The IICRC is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) member and accredited standards developer. ANSI coordinates standards, conformity assessment, and related activities in the United States of America. ANSI is responsible for overseeing the development of national consensus standards and verifying that the requirements for due process, consensus, and other criteria for approval have been met by the standard’s developer. An American National Standard (ANS) is a Voluntary Consensus Standard, and unless mandated by law, compliance is voluntary. However, some have been adopted as code or regulation by local, state, or federal authorities. 

 What is an ANSI?

ANSI coordinates the U.S. voluntary consensus standards system, providing a neutral forum for the development of policies on standards issues and serves as a watchdog for standards development and conformity assessment programs and processes. The ANSI process serves all standardization efforts in the United States by providing and promoting a process that withstands scrutiny while protecting the rights and interests of every participant. In essence, ANSI standards quicken the market acceptance of products while making clear how to improve the safety of those products for the protection of consumers. The IICRC serves as the secretariat for several ANSI committees that develop cleaning, inspection, and restoration related standards. NOTE: American National Standards may be revised or withdrawn at any time. The procedures of the American National Standards Institute require that action be taken to reaffirm, revise, or withdraw this standard no later than five years from the date of approval. Purchasers of American National Standards may receive current information on all standards by calling or writing the American National Standards Institute.