Mold Remediation Worker (MRW)

Mold Remediation Worker (4hr) Feb 18, 2022 (8am-12pm)

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Mold Remediation Worker (4hr) June 10, 2022 (8am-12pm)

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In the great State of Texas, the Mold Remediation Worker (MRW) is limited to performing mold remediation under the supervision of a licensed Mold Remediation Contractor (MRC).This 4hr training course is designed to provide workers the basic concepts and understanding of mold remediation.

The training will cover the following areas:

  • sources of mold and conditions necessary for indoor mold growth
  • health effects and symptoms from mold exposure
  • workplace hazards and safety, PPE & decontamination proceedures
  • regulatory requirements, the role of the worker, and the roles of other professionals
  • an overview of how mold remediation projects are conducted, including containment and air filtration
  • work practices for removing, cleaning, and treating mold.

This course is taught by Nate Seward, PE, CIH, the industry's leading mold expert with over 25 years of practical and hands on experience.