Patrick Moffett

Master Restorer

For more than 25 years, Patrick is a senior environmental/industrial hygienist, general contractor, technical writer, lecturer and instructor specializing in the assessment and oversight of property damage remediation and the environmental clearance of property losses. His loss experience includes small but complicated losses; large losses involving schools, hospitals, shopping centers and high-rise buildings; industrial commercial properties and factory losses; catastrophic losses related to whole communities and cities; coordinating the cleanup of losses with government agencies including police, fire, hazmat, DOH, OSHA, EPA, and fish and game.

Patrick is a cause and origin and a cause and effect expert where property damage results from a failure to protect the building envelope. Issues include: Building pipe breaks from fresh water, sewage waste lines to broken fire suppression systems; damage resulting from sewage, water, fire, mold; mud slides and intrusion; hurricanes, windstorms, and community-wide disasters.

Over the past 25 years, Patrick has published 5 books, 50 technical articles and white papers.

Since 1985, Patrick has had his deposition taken more than 150 times and he has provided expert testimony in arbitration and mediation hearings and court.

Patrick is a master restorer in water and fire; he is an IICRC approved instructor teaching water damage restoration, fire and smoke odor remediation, and applied microbial remediation.

Credentials include but are not limited to: California Licensed General Contractor; California Registered Environmental Assessor; Senior Environmental/Industrial Hygienist; OSHA Compliance Trainer; Certified Master Restorer.

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