RRP-EPAs Renovation Repair and Painting Rule-4/23/2018-Anaheim

Date:  Monday April 23, 2018
One Day Training Class
Time:  8am to 3:30pm

Location:  Academy of Textiles & Flooring
1140 N. Armando St
Anaheim, CA 92806

Refreshers: $125
Initials: $195

For Registration go to:
or call  805-644-8347

Contractors, painters, pest control operators, property managers, plumbers or anyone working in pre-1978 properties need to be Certified!!

RRP (EPA’s Renovation Repair and Painting Rule)

Refreshers: $125 Initials: $195

All students must attend the entire class Refreshers must provide proof of non-expired cert.

For more information-Class Dates-Registration go to: www.theRRPtrainer.com

or call: 805-644-8347




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