Since 1972, this has been one of our strong core values as we continue to provide education and training to thousands of students across North America.


Training Facility

Our Primary Training Center maintains a comfortable and innovative opportunity to allow our students to get a true “hands on experience”.  With multiple training rooms, our main training room will comfortably hold up to 30 students and our smaller training room which can hold up to 15 students if necessary. Our warehouse and testing center contains training modules with simulated residential and commercial settings to help provide the best real life situations as possible.

We have numerous types of equipment for you to “play” with from the worlds leading manufactures in drying and restoration equipment.  ATF does not endorse any manufacturer or brand, our mission is to provide our students with science-based technology facts, completely unbiased so that the student can make their own decision on what works best.


Our main training campus and headquarters are located in Anaheim, CA in the heart of beautiful Southern California. We are located near two major airports, LAX Airport (approximately 35min) and John Wayne Airport (approximately 15min). In addition to the main campus, ATF also has another training center in Ventura County, located 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean along the central coast of California.

Meet Our Instructors


Nate Seward, PE, CIH

Owner and Instructor

Patrick Moffett

Master Restorer

Pat Dooley

ASD, WRT/ASD Combo, &CDS Instructor

Taf Baig

IICRC Master Textile Cleaner

Melody David

Color Repair Instructor

Mark Exner

Staff Instructor

Lori Young

Contents Restoration Instructor

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